Natural White

by admin on November 4, 2007

Natural White

Natural White

Yellow Teeth To White Teeth – White Blast Smile

Everyone loves a dazzling, bright smile. Some have naturally white teeth, but some have to work a little harder to maintain that winning sparkle. This brings us to the question “how to turn yellow teeth to white teeth?” But before we answer this, we first have to know what causes yellow teeth.

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Number one: Cigarettes and tobacco. Smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco can cause stained and yellow teeth. Nicotine causes brown stains that penetrate the groves and pits of tooth enamel, and can be hard to remove by brushing alone. The longer you smoke, the more entrenched the stains become. Number two: Certain types of food. The deep color of highly pigmented fruits and vegetables give them their nutritional punch. But blueberries, blackberries, and beets leave their color on teeth as well. Cranberry juice and grape juice also stain teeth easily, thus, you have to brush and rinse your mouth after consuming these just to prevent teeth stains.

Fortunately, you can get rid of the superficial stains on your teeth by using some at-home teeth whitening kits, strips, or toothpastes. These products make use of mild bleaching to brighten yellow teeth. Toothpastes use abrasives and chemicals to remove surface stains. To get rid of deep stains, you may need a dentist’s help. You can also try home tooth whitening kits that contain peroxide – a type of bleach that can remove both deep and surface stains, and actually lightens your natural tooth color. Today, home teeth whitening systems are becoming more and more popular, as they are less expensive than and can work as well as professional teeth whitening systems.

Modern technology has provided us with an easier access to teeth whitening systems that may be used at home and despite of our busy schedules.

Today, all of us can turn yellow teeth to white teeth the easy way!

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