Natural Amethyst

by admin on September 12, 2003

Natural Amethyst

Natural Amethyst

Identification Of Natural And Synthetic Crystals


Distinction between natural and synthetic crystals and a crystal characterized by crystal gloss, crystal jewelry natural oil gloss surface display, but synthesis of crystal china jewelry is displayed on the surface sheen of glass, also there is no oil sheen in the synthetic crystals. 8q yo crystal, though not a precious gem, but its unparalleled performance and good value for money and the medical world more and more men and women alike. As a crystal lover, want to have all the varieties of crystals, whether natural or synthetic, but he certainly would like to know your crystal is synthetic or natural.

Stone appeared on the market a large number of synthetic crystal necklace, a common colorless crystal, brown series (including the smoke color, ink) of the crystal and purple series (including purple, gray and purple, dark purple) and crystal necklace People do not often have the yellow series (light yellow, yellow, golden yellow) and green crystal necklace series (yellow-green, light green, dark green, dark green) and crystal necklace. They are inexpensive for the ladies to add a lot of style. However, some merchants do not want to admit their own crystal crystal is synthetic, often “natural crystal necklace” to sell synthetic crystal necklace. Therefore, it is necessary to identify synthetic or natural crystal necklace crystal necklace.

Now the market colorless crystal necklace and citrine necklace can be described as mixed semi-natural and synthetic, but most of the synthetic color crystal necklace crystal. Less true natural Caijing, used on a necklace made of less.

I synthetic crystal is characterized by the largest nuclear sub Jingjing. If synthetic crystal nucleation is good reason, because nuclei are generally colorless slab column, with clear boundaries around the synthetic crystal. But recently the market a number of colorless synthetic crystal, because crystal nucleation, and synthesis are colorless, coupled with the nuclei of some natural features or inclusions in crystals in the nucleus and the synthesis of a number of air bubbles between, so that some did not experience people easily mistaken for a natural crystal, careful observation reveals that nuclei in the package body exists only son of the nuclear column, surrounded by an invisible wall there is a stopped, the feeling off without delay. Between the nucleus and the synthesis of crystalline bubbles are distributed along the nucleus wall formed parallel to each other “bubble wall.” Some bubbles were tadpole-like, head over to the outside end wall arrangement. Natural crystal is also often arranged in groups along a surface inclusions appear, but the face is usually a single, ups and downs of, and the composition of the surface of china gemstone wholesaler the package body in the gem will be detected under the microscope as the two-phase inclusions, and not just bubbles. The difference is obvious.

I especially synthetic crystal color composite crystal is characterized by the second color uniformity. More uniform color throughout necklace, especially yellow and brown crystal series, black synthetic crystal. The natural yellow and brown, black crystal color often heterogeneous. Heterogeneity of natural crystal is not only color, and often tea color (except brown crystal outside), more interesting is that at night under incandescent, yellow tea, a little yellow crystal without completely as brown crystal, crystal tea mix if and actually good identification. I have seen the synthesis of topaz colors are pure uniform, some darker colors, but not with tea color, and will not change color under incandescent light at night.

It is noteworthy that in the synthesis of Amethyst, the often dark purple of some films with good orientation, it is easy to think of natural amethyst color groups in the characteristics of irregular flakes. The biggest difference between the two synthetic amethyst in deep purple color group was nearly parallel to the sheet orientation, size small difference of form, line clear. The color of natural amethyst group is arbitrary irregular shape, color changes with depth, but the line is the gradient. If we Synthetic Amethyst floating in the dark purple film metaphor of “purple cloth”, then the natural purple amethyst in groups can be regarded as floating “Zi Yan group.” This is the main difference between the two.

I natural Caijing, especially amethyst, there is a feature that has the same as the hexagonal sapphire ribbon. Notably, some of the recent synthesis of the green crystal in there often parallel ribbon, ribbons along the wall of one level of parallel sub-nuclei development. I have also seen a string of synthesis into the green crystal necklace, yellow and green and white appear, much like the natural crystal ribbon, together with some brown translucent solid internal impurities, easily mistaken for a natural green crystal, but crystal formation synthesized ribbon along the wall parallel to the sub-nuclear distribution, straight without angle, made of crystal ribbon necklace string changes the whole line, the mere mention of each one of the ribbon the same width, giving a too much “in step” and not natural. ckkC synthetic crystals of Clean the third feature is flawless. Natural crystal in the inclusions and often cotton, and synthetic crystals sparkling. Synthetic crystals of individual bubbles or some solids. Some recent synthetic crystals are often a number of triangles within the long tubular holes in these pores in green or red powder. This is characterized by a long tube along a direction parallel, triangular cross section, often uneven in green or red powder Yan Bi distribution, the middle is often empty, long tube ends are sharpened trend. But the real crystal is a natural fat with tourmaline, actinolite, rutile and other minerals and crystals, these minerals have their shape, such as actinolite, “bamboo-like” shape. They are wrapped in crystal, the non-directional random arrangement of different thickness and length of the name, and often accompanied by the inherent natural crystal inclusions and cotton and so on. Vitreous like crystal (amethyst) and the distinction between the natural crystal

Lead-glass like crystal and glass with high refractive index of rare earth imitation amethyst in the market more common, their mutual distinction as follows: (1) hand contact with heart or Tsui disgrace gem, a cool sense of the natural crystal; glassy imitation crystal with warm feeling. (2) using polarized light microscopy: a 360-degree rotation in the polarizing microscope, and four out four dark change is a natural crystal, there is no change in the vitreous like crystal. (3) using two-color check: There are two natural amethyst color, vitreous materials like crystal no dichroism. (4) in transmitted light with the times examined under a magnifying glass, can be found basically the bubble of glass like crystal set. (5) with a hardness of 6 on trial feldspar stone, the gem stone in the long program, with the nicks can be drawn is that crystal, slip the vitreous like crystal. If there is no feldspar or directly on the glass program, scored the crystal can be set aside, no nicks the vitreous like crystal. (6) was detected with a thermal conductivity: the thermal conductivity meter adjusted to 4 cell test green gems, crystals can be up to the yellow 2 cells, while the glass like crystal products do not rise up to the time when the area is a large yellow one compartment.

(1)natural crystal. Is a high purity quartz ore, most of its color is white and transparent, a few purple and green, that

Is due to the formation of minerals in the natural course of other metal containing marginal, such as iron, copper, cobalt, magnesium, manganese, nickel oxide due to infiltration.

(2) synthetic crystals. Its characteristics are similar to natural crystals, but the biggest difference is that crystal center of a synthetic crystal flakes formed sub Jingjing nuclear, natural crystal is not.

(3) melting crystal (quartz glass). Although its chemical composition as natural crystals are silicon dioxide, but it is chemically treated waste water to remove impurities spar, and then high-temperature electric furnace melting, cooling obtained by cutting, grinding, polishing jewelry processed. Most times the quality of this crystal, the value of the minimum, nothing contained in natural crystal point-like star, cloudy and flocculent distribution of liquid inclusions, visible with a magnifying glass examination whirlpool, or arc-shaped melting curve liquid lined. The ornaments on the temples or in her hand, or tongue licking touch, a sense of natural crystal are cool, and cold for a long time and have warm sense of crystal melting.

In addition, the following true and false natural crystal also obvious differences:

① natural purple color crystal uneven distribution of irregular distribution of the sheet, there are gas-liquid inclusions; synthetic crystal color purple uniform, and the center sub Jingjing nuclear.

② natural crystal and smoky quartz crystals are yellow and other colors, if it is blue or orange, while the artificially changed color. Crystal color change is the difference between natural crystal, changing the color of bright color crystal uniformity, which can not see the flakes of irregular chromophore. Change the use of artificial color crystal jewelry will slowly fade after longer time, loss of decoration and appreciation value.

③ to the sun observation, natural crystal china jewelry supplier in any case high, can see the light even a small stripes or catkin-like texture; and fake crystal jewelry crystal generally is defective regeneration smelting slag or glass, colored by the polished copy made, the front of the sun can not see even the stripes and the catkin-like texture.

④ in the sun, natural crystal jewelry from every angle, all radiation beautiful luster, while the fake crystal jewelry is no such splendor.

⑤ natural crystal refractive index is 1.54; fake crystal refractive index is generally less than 1.00, or natural crystals with very different refractive index

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