Medium Herkimer

by admin on April 10, 2008

Medium Herkimer

Medium Herkimer

We are now going to continue our work through the 7 main chakra points and crystal healing, moving onto your Crown Chakra, also called your seventh chakra. Remember there are many different crystals you can use so make sure to work with the most common, but feel free to try others to see what resonates within your own energetic vibrational level.

Your Crown Chakra is located just above the top of your head. This is where the energy can flow down and in through your chakra and all the way through your energy flow of chakras when they are all opened and aligned. The Crown Chakra is generally known by either a clear, white or purple/violet color. Again there is some debate about which color is best associated with this chakra point, but it all depends on what resonates best within your chakra and energy fields.

This chakra and color associations are represented with clarity, consciousness, sub-consciousness, cleansing and purification. The most common crystal for this chakra point are: Clear Quartz, Herkimer Diamond, Moonstone, Selenite, Danburite, and White Amethyst.

I have found either working with Danburtite or a combination of Herkirmer Diamonds and Danburite can not only remove a blockage but also being in a stronger energy flow. When removing a blockage at this chakra point, hold Danburite within 4 inches of the area and turn clockwise to remove the blockages. Remember to cleanse the crystal thoroughly afterwards to remove any energetic buildup that has accumulated on the crystal. When wanting more of a stronger energy flow, lie down and place two Herkimer Diamond crystals, one on each side of your chakra point and one over the area for 15 minutes.

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