Holding Crystal

by admin on January 8, 2006

Holding Crystal

Holding Crystal

How to Use Crystal Figurines With Fairy Tales

Most people wouldn’t connect crystal figurines with fairy tales, but you can do that and create an exciting adventure for your child. Using a little imagination, you can make reading a fairy tale more interesting and meaningful for your child by giving your child a crystal figurine that goes along with the story.

Pick a crystal animal figurine related to the main character or animal in the fairy tale. As an example, if you are reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears, give your child a crystal bear figurine. When you give the figurine isn’t critical. You can present it when you start the story, after you’ve read it or several weeks later. The one thing you can count on is kids love these stories and your child will have you read them dozens of times.

Here’s why using a crystal animal figurine with the fairy tales is a good idea. First, for some inexplicable reason, very young children create in their own minds a very strong connection between the figurine and the story. Perhaps it is because having the figurine there while you are reading you are adding a concrete element (something your child can hold onto) to what would otherwise be an abstract experience. You are creating a strong association in your child’s mind. Once you have several figurines, your child will probably go to the figurine shelf, grab one and hand it to you and say, “Read this one.” If that happens, you’ll know that a very strong association has been made.

You can also carry this connection one step further. By the time you’ve read the story for the fifteenth time, you’ll be ready for this idea. Ask your child to make up a story about the crystal animal. Let your child give the figurine a name, a place to live, a favorite food or whatever else that fertile little imagination can produce. By doing this you are stimulating your child’s creativity and imagination and the stories you get will be very entertaining for you and a welcome relief as well.

If you are ambitious (and not too tired at night) write down your child’s stories and put them into a book. Encourage your little one to add the art work. It will be a great project for both of you.

The second reason is one of accumulation. Over a period of several years you will have established a reasonable collection of crystal animals and crystal figurines. No doubt your son or daughter will lose interest in the figurines and fairy tales as he/she grows older. After all, there are more important things to consider like concerts, school sports, the latest music, graduation, college and let’s not forget members of the opposite sex. Don’t despair! All is not lost.

If and when the interest is gone and if you don’t have room to display the figurines, carefully pack up all the figurines and story books. Store them in your attic or a closet. Be patient, your next big event is just around the corner. Wait for those thrilling words, “Mom, Dad, we’re going to have a baby.”

Decide when the time is right and rummage through the attic for those crystal figurines, fairy tales and story books. Pass then on to your son or daughter. A flood of memories will come back to both of you. Now your child can repeat the process with your grandchild. Your beautiful memories and little treasures will pass from one generation to the next and perhaps even the next. Imagine what you have just created – another family heirloom and tradition.

No doubt you can find many other ways how to use crystal animal figurines along with the fairy tales and stories you read to your child. Have fun! The whole process is quite enjoyable from beginning to end. Crystal animal figurines and fairy tales really do go together.

About the Author

Lowry Mell is a retired Merchandiser and former Marketing and Business Consultant. His articles focus on new and creative ways to use and display crystal and crystal figurines. For more information, visit: http://www.CrystalSplendor.com

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reiki and crystal help me please!!!!?

I recieved my first reiki session and loved. I was holding a crystal during the session( I forgot which one was it) but at the end, the crystal was really really hot. Can someone explain to me why? is it normal? cant wait for my next session!!!! thanks

Possibly the only account I’ve ever heard of energy EVER being transferred during a reiki session and it involves the patient losing body heat…sheesh!

A crystal stored at normal room temperature (25C) then being held by you for around 30-60mins involves a temperature rise of nearly 12C (assuming it reached nearly your body temperature.) As you were distracted by the ‘waving hands of woo’, then you were not paying any attention to the crystal getting warmer. When you suddenly sit up and realise that this crystal is now 12 degrees warmer than any other inanimate object you’re likely to touch in the room, it can easily be perceived as having got “really really hot”.

Energy has been transferred but then this is a constant process so nothing to be surprised about.

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