Herkimer Diamond

by admin on August 30, 2004

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond

The Saturn Return Cycles And Saturn Going Retrograde Into Virgo

We have another quiet week in the heavens with only Saturn moving back on April 7, this is his final sojourn into Virgo before he picks up his journey into Libra on July 21 for good. I thought this is a good time to look at different aspects and possibilities Saturn is offering to us.

Saturn and the Concepts of Aging and Time

What are your thoughts about growing older? Are you ever thinking and planning for that? Are you scared to grow old, to become sick, dysfunctional, alone and to end up as a bag lady or beggar on the streets? I think many people have obscure fears around aging and loosing control over their health and life that way. Living in a single unit culture and not in family tribes anymore, it is definitely up to our own planning and envisioning how we want to live our “golden years”. Saturn is the planet in astrology that is representing the concept of time and old age, of planning and harvesting.

Transits with Saturn are invitations to find more clarity and set plans into motion. Fear and anxiety can only be countered by holding to our highest visions and keeping our frequency up to the best of our abilities. Taking action steps towards our dreams and visions will keep us in alignment with the conscious use of the Law of Attraction and will help us to find every day little ways to feel good.

Different Life Choices are in Your Hands

I believe we can create a fully satisfying life as being part of a bigger community of our choosing; a circle of family and a network of friends throughout all different stages of our live. I met this elderly man in the spa the other day who told me of his grand parenting children throughout his life together with his wife. I became very interested and curious about his life story and found out that they had grand parented a total of 6 kids throughout their lives who were not from his blood lineage but obviously children of his heart. They had supported single moms in trouble and their kids, housed them on their property and helped guiding them along. They had decided early on in their marriage not to have children on their own but helping with the ones already there in dire need of parental support.

Wow, I was really blown away by his story and feel very inspired to share this story with you. Do you think this is a man who will end up on the streets one day? This man has lived his life with a vision of sharing and contributing from a place of abundance and wisdom. This man has created a potential of uncountable riches in so many ways that his life will bring him manifestations accordingly. I felt very grateful just by having this little glimpse into his life and felt very enriched by it.

The Bad Reputation of Saturn

Saturn, for the greater part in astrology, has been viewed as a daunting presence and challenge to face obstacles, anxieties and limitations in a person’s horoscope. The sign, house position and aspect connection clues us in to where we need to pay special attention to on a regular base. But Saturn has many different aspects and dimensions and has also been viewed as time keeper and teacher to guide us with consciousness through all the different phases in our life.

Astrologers like Liz Greene and Stephen Arroyo have been true visionaries in adding a whole different psychological dimension to the interpretation of the role of Saturn for personal growth and human evolution going beyond the old idea of being malefic and unfortunate.  Saturn is now seen as a symbol for reaching a level of self responsibility and maturity in finding our place in society and some form of self definition as a grown up.

Usually we all go through certain times of saturnine challenge at least with the first and second Saturn return around 29 and 58 years of age. But then we have to add in the squares and oppositions to its own position as well as other planets in our chart. So we get ample opportunities to establish and reevaluate our plans and choices throughout our lives.

The Potential of Transits

The art and science of astrology gives us a magnificent tool for self reflection and insight into deeper layers of the surrounding world and its machinations and laws. It can help raise our consciousness and enable us towards greater wisdom and its application for a full and abundant life. Understanding the impact of transits in actualizing poignant lessons in our horoscope at specific times in our lives can be extremely helpful in reflecting back to us the bigger picture and the overall potential in that. The most helpful is of course a personal reading with an astrologer but you can also get very good written reports, giving you the overview and direction.

The First Saturn Return

Our first Saturn return happens between the age of 27 to 29 and a half and represents a time of deepening and questioning our sense of who we are in our identity and setting the course for the next round. Around that age we make decisions about having a family, or leaving the one we are in, maybe reorient ourselves professionally by becoming part of the work force after years of preparation and studying or deciding to go back and deepen our education. With the first Saturn return we look at the unfolding of our life and evaluate if we like what we see so far. Most of us have achieved some kind of identification with our position in society and our achievements. But is that who you are? Are you just a doctor or janitor? This is the first time we will ask deeper questions about our role in life and our destiny as a human being. Out of that we decide where we want to go next, who we want to be for the next 30 years, in the most potent, active and most professionally contributing times of our lives.

The Second Saturn Return

The second Saturn return happens around the age of 58 and is traditionally associated with retirement and enjoying the fruits of our lives. That almost seems to be a foreign concept now with our savings dwindling away in the stock market crashes and manipulations. But nevertheless we are asked to bring unfinished business in our live to a conclusion and plan for the next 30 years ahead.

I saw this movie the other day about centenarians in different cultures in the world. What they all had in common was a simple and active life style with a mostly vegetarian based diet, embedded in a community where they were valued and still contributing members. For example there was this 80 years old lady getting up at 6 every morning to work her little garden and selling her produce on the market till late in the evening. She had her social life and connection all day long happening all around her. She was part of a group of elders playing cards on a regular base to “keep herself sharp”. She had a family with great grand kids and enjoyed being the Old Crown, the Wise Woman. That was a picture I could deeply resonate with and the deep humanity in it.

I believe that with the second Saturn return we are asked to ease into that role of a loving and compassionate elder passing on from our life experience to the younger generation in whatever capacity we are able to. It is your choice and orientation now to set the tone for the last part of your life.

Health is Paramount

And of course to be healthy is the major stepping stone for all your activities. You need to adapt a life style minimizing toxic exposure in your household, eating organic food, eliminate processed food as much as possible, exercise regularly and clean and detox the temple of your soul, your body on a regular base. I have become very excited about the possibilities of detoxifying with the Far Infrared Sauna, you should check that out. Part of my excitement is that it makes me feel so good afterwards.

The Third Saturn Return

Actually many of us may reach this third Saturn cycle of life because nowadays with longer life expectance and medical improvements at our fingertips people do grow old. But obviously the quality of our life at this stage has a lot to do with how healthy we feel and how independently we can still function and take care for ourselves. How good will it be to grow old, lying in a bed in a senior home vegetating?

We need to hold an inner picture of growing old in good spirit, healthy and vibrant. We can learn from others who have gone before us like the centenarians of different cultures. And then when we are done we are just moving on to the other side, maybe getting into line for a new body…or Nirvana depending on your beliefs.

The Saturn Stone is Crystal Quartz

I have written several articles about how we can support ourselves in hard times of transits through meditation with crystals and Herkimer Diamonds if you want to read more information about that. Obviously this is the stone of choice with his exquisite light and translucency, teaching us the lesson about reaching into higher and higher states of consciousness and clarity.

Saturn Will Return to Libra

When Saturn finally steps into Libra, we are done collectively with bringing light and clarity into health issues and focusing on the details of our personal and professional live to some extent. (I am so glad we got Obama’s health plan approved this was our last chance for that) Depending on how this Saturn was impacting you personally some of your continuous health troubles the last few years might be clearing up now and you are moving on to bring clarity into your relationships, marriage and connection with others in general.

We will have ample opportunities to discuss the potential to deepen our ability to love unconditionally and see our own reflection consciously and appreciatively in others. The next 2 ½ years can be a continuation of appreciating our oneness and sameness as humans and making our choices accordingly. We live in exciting times and it is in our personal touch, in our hands to make the world we are living in a little better place.

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Aloha and many blessings, Shakti.

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