Hematite Ring Size

by admin on March 29, 2010

Hematite Ring Size

Hematite Ring Size

Celtic Jewellery – What Celtic Jewellery Really Represents?

Celtic jewellery is not only popular in Irish, but also in them who enjoy a matchless jewellery style with several meanings. The men and women of all ethnicities like it because it possesses an irresistible charm and fascination. It is the most suitable gift for anyone who likes jewellery. It is created and available in all shapes and sizes according to the Celtic culture. White or yellow gold are traditionally used in the making of Celtic jewellery but sterling silver is another great popular alternative. No one can regret the value and importance of this jewellery. Today it appeals every one due to its elegance, uniqueness and endless beauty.

Celtic knots separately generate an interesting flavor. The intricate designs make jewellery fashionable and eternal in real sense. The singularity and uniqueness of this jewellery is one of the common reasons of its popularity. This mode of jewellery has an ability of representing and symbolizing different messages and concepts. Celtic knots are considered as a symbol that represents eternity, infinity and the holy trinity. Many people believe that these knots represent the mother, maiden and beldam panorama of the triple Goddess. Where many people believe that this knot in jewellery represents the sign of the power of rebirth.

Sometimes celtic jewellery is created with original jewels. And jewels generate extraordinary and stunning look. These Jewels are actually used to symbolize months where each jewel represents a particular month of the year. For instance, Garnet is used to represent January, Amethyst generally represents February, Aquamarine represents March, Carnelian signifies April, Jade and emerald for May, Ruby and Pearl to June, Peridots August, September and October with Amber and Lapis, citrine November and December is marked with Topaz and Turquoise.

It is also true that all stones used in celtic jewellery pieces, not represent months and it is not unusual to find fashion wear that has tiger-eyes, sapphires, hematite and other gemstones. Diamond engagement rings with Celtic knots and even wedding rings are specifically attractive can be purchased from particular designers. Beautiful Celtic knot cuff links can also add the absolute touch to any formal wear, suit or tuxedo. Several Celtic designs are used in the creation and production of dangle earrings, bracelets for wrists and ankles and even toe rings.

Celtic lover’s rings are also very popular pieces, which consist of a sculpted knot that enlace to represent the two lovers that are spending their lives together. These rings are available in a number of dissimilar styles, but the meaning of them remains the same. There is another Celtic Jewellery called Claddagh rings that generally have holding hands, heart and crown available in a plenty of Celtic styles. The crown represents loyalty, the heart signifies love, and the holding hands symbolize friendship.

The web is full with information. You must make a search for other designs that you like to have. Many sites provide you the desired piece with Celtic touch. The professionals to give it authentic Celtic look can also customize your existing jewellery.

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Question about blackline BCRs?

Hi =) I was just wondering whether anyone could give me some idea of how big the actual balls are on these things? I’m looking at a 1.2mm one (aprx. 16 gauge) to go in my nostril piercing, if that makes a difference =) I haven’t worn a bcr before haha
Here’s a link to one of them:


Just to stress again – I was wondering if anyone knew the size of the BALL, not the diameter. Thanks for any help =)

Hey I have the same BCR which is 10mm diameter and 1.2mm, the diameter of the ball is about 3-4mm

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