Heart Carving

by admin on November 29, 2003

Heart Carving

Heart Carving

Carve your Own Postcard

Touch wood that the message gets through with the Carve Your Own Card – Wooden Postcard – we see no reason why it wood-n’t! The lovely thing about the Carve Your Own Card – Wooden Postcard is that you get to put the fun effort of carving and scratching your gooey message into the solid wooden card and then witnessing your valiant efforts as your sweetheart swoons over your wooing ways!


Instantly ready for you to carve your message into, the Carve Your Own Card – Wooden Postcard will be cherished for as long as you both shall live! You better knock, knock, knock on wood that your love will be last if you don’t invest in a Carve Your Own Card – Wooden Postcard! Don’t leave it too late – buy one today!

About the Carve Your Own Card – Wooden Postcard

The Carve Your Own Card – Wooden Postcard is the most romantic and traditional way to show your emotions!

The Carve Your Own Card – Wooden Postcard is made of solid wood and can be scratched or scored into with something sharp like a knife or a key or a sponge (just checking you’re reading!)

The Carve Your Own Card – Wooden Postcard can be sent in the post and has space for a stamp and an address!

The Carve Your Own Card measures approximately 15 cm x 10.5 cm x 0.5 cm

The Carve Your Own Card is suitable for Valentines, Anniversaries and other days of love!

How many valentines or anniversary cards have you received that are environmentally friendly and truly show your most inner sappy feelings? None whatsoever? Thought so!


Tree-t your lover to the cutest and most traditionally adorable card that they’ll ever have the pleasure of gushing over! One to show the grandkids for sure, the enchanting Carve Your Own Card – Wooden Postcard will blow all their ex’s out of your league like little leaves in the breeze!

So simple yet so naturally sensational, the beautiful Carve Your Own Card – Wooden Postcard can be sent and received just like a normal postcard! Simply pop your stamp onto the printed stamp space on the card, scribble the address on and plant a big lovely smacker on the back to wish it good and amorous vibes of love as it travels to the lucky recipient!

Your unique personalised message can be carved out of the Carve Your Own Card – Wooden Postcard with anything relatively sharp! A knife, key or hairclip will do the trick! Get decorative and draw a few little stars and hearts or go for the classic I LOVE YOU to make them giddy with joy!


Wood you turn down a declaration of lurve when your cute crush has gone to all this trouble just to touch your heart? Thought not! Just think about it – your standard card of love is created from a wondrous tree (paper and card comes from trees geniuses) so why not cut out the middle man and go old-school by sending the sentimentally spectacular Carve Your Own Card – Wooden Postcard! Get carving for your cutie today!

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How do you carve limestone?

I want to carve a heart out of limestone for my mom for mother’s day. I know limestone is the easiest rock to break. I do not have ANY carving tools, just around the house tools. Whta tools would work to break the limestone and carve it into heart? I already have it in water to soften it up. I am only 14 so what tools can I use that I would not kill myself with lol. Thanks!

I don’t carve limestone, but you can try small chisels and a small hammer. Keep in mind this is soft stone.

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