Healing Stones

by admin on January 19, 2007

Healing Stones

Healing Stones

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been known to have special healing properties, although no one is quite sure why. A massage treatment can be a very therapeutic experience, and one of the fastest growing and most popular treatments is hot stone massage therapy.

The magical healing properties of hot stone therapy have been known by many cultures for hundreds of years. But it has just been over the last few years that this deeply relaxing form of massage is beginning to become popular once again. It is in popular demand among many of the spas found across the globe.

Healing stone massage therapy was inspired by the healing practices of Lake Kokonar, in Tibet. It uses hot stones in combination with herbs and oils to restore the body’s vitality and to balance stress. The treatment involves using smooth, basalt stones that are found in volcanic regions in Europe. Chi Spa manager Mary Yip says, “Basalt has been found to have the best heat retention capabilities, therefore, the best for therapeutic purpose.” The stones can hold heat for a long time and thus don’t need to be reheated during the procedure. Their smooth texture is also optimal for the soothing, gliding, massage movements.

During a hot stone massage therapy session, the therapist starts out by combining the therapeutic effects of essential oils with a Swedish massage. The therapist glides her fingers across your shoulders and down your arms to your fingertips, and also strokes from your neck down your spine to the lower back.

Next the therapist uses the heated basalt stones to massage across your back and down your legs. The smoothness of the stone glides easily over the body and promotes the deepest state of relaxation.

Finally the therapist places various sizes of Himalayan stones on the chakra points of the body. This serves to warm the body, encourage lymph flow, and thereby removing waste materials from the body. According to ancient Chinese and Himalayan rituals, the chakra points are the body’s energy centers. When stimulated, the chakras encourage balanced energy flow throughout the body, which helps to reduce any muscle pain, promote healing, releases stress, and provides deep relaxation.

Hot stone massage therapy is great for office workers who spend most of their days seated in front of the computer. It relieves a great amount of stress, helps with depression, and even reduces back pain. If you have never had a hot stone treatment before, than you definitely owe yourself the pleasure!

Are you in the mood for a massage yet? Hot stone therapy is definitely an amazing experience.

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