Healing Dowsing

by admin on February 9, 2004

Healing Dowsing

Healing Dowsing

Holisticjunction.com Featured School of the Week June 30, 2008: American Institute of Natural Healings

Get hands-on training in diverse massage modalities when you enroll in the Swedish acupressure course or advanced massage course at the American Institute of Natural Healings (AINH), located in Antioch, California.

Designed for the natural healer in mind, the 13-week Swedish acupressure program is perfect for those seeking basic or supplementary massage career training. This particular course of study is comprised of 250 hours in combined Swedish massage and acupressure. Students, who successfully complete this program at the American Institute of Natural Healings, are awarded a certificate of completion.

Before enrolling in the advanced massage course at the American Institute of Natural Healings, students must first achieve training in the Swedish acupressure program. Also 250 hours in length, this massage therapy course was created as a completer-program (to the Swedish acupressure course) for an overall training curriculum of 500 hours. Entailed in this course is hands-on training in various bodywork applications, including applied kinesiology, deep tissue, sports massage, Trigger Point therapy, Tuina, and other specialized modalities. As an added amenity, students may conveniently take portions of the course online. Candidates, who have successfully completed both the Swedish acupressure course and the advanced massage course, are qualified to sit for the National certification exam in massage therapy.

Additional programs provided by the AINH include continuing education seminars in advanced theta healing, aromatherapy, couples massage; cupping, moxa, and Guasha; dowsing for health, ear candling, Lomi Lomi, and Reiki. In addition, the American Institute of Natural Healings offers a wellness clinic that provides student massage and yoga classes (Monday through Friday) as well.

If you’re ready to explore your professional potential as a qualified massage therapist, make time to invest in your future by visiting the American Institute of Natural Healings today.

* Financial assistance available.

Featured School of the Week: American Institute of Natural Healings

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Dowsing for Healing 2 (1 of 4)

Do you believe in strange and mysterious phenomena such as levitation, telepathy, dowsing, faith healing..?

Do you believe in strange and mysterious phenomena such as levitation, telepathy, dowsing, faith healing..?
why or why not?

I used to not believe in this stuff at all. However, ever since someone figured out how homing pigeons “homed,” I became less skeptical.

Homing pigeons can navigate because (so it seems) they have magnets in their heads. OK, they have organs with excess iron that interacts with the magentic field of the Earth. They have a homing “sensory organ” in their heads that is, in effect, a magnetic compass.

I don’t specifically believe in ANY of the items you named – but I no longer rule them out, since there is now a precedent for an animal reacting to something that is not sight, sound, smell, taste, or touch. Which means it is POSSIBLE that some people can have a sensory organ or brain element that lets them tap into something the rest of us cannot.

Do I know of anyone who actually does these things? No. But I’m saying that I no longer automatically reject the concept. I’ll still need proof and serious testing before I would accept that telepathy, dowsing, or telekinesis has occurred. But at least I’ll consider the evidence rather than categorically call it a hoax.

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