Healing Crystal

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Healing Crystal

Healing Crystal

Crystal Energy

Crystal energy can be used to increase the energies that help healing the body and mind. Unbalances in the body’s energy field can be caused by the mind focusing on negative aspects. Crystal energy helps change negative energies and replaces them with positive energies.

Crystal energy affects your body by balancing your body’s energy. I will not be touching here on the use of crystals healing by means of a healer; however, I will focus on the use of crystal energy and the theory behind healing crystals and gemstones.

The theory behind crystal energy is to do with the Quantum theory. The Quantum theory considers the Universe and all things that make it, as existing in an empty space with forms of energy moving within each space. Of course this includes our physical body which is a space with energy flowing infinitely through its own space. Your body’s energy is used when you breath and when you show emotions and thoughts.

The healing processes of crystals and gemstones are considered a special flow of energy that change the way the destructive energy flows. This special flow of energy can be helped by the use of healing crystals and gemstones to improve and speed up the healing processes. Crystals and gemstones can be used as a tool to give the healing flow of energy an important boost in adding power to achieve cures.

Crystal energy and crystals are a tool that can enhance not just your health, but anything you undertake. Although crystals and gemstones occupy a different space than our body and mind, within the Universe there occur an interaction between your body and mind and the energy forms. This interaction is executed through shared properties resulting from the energy flow.

For example, the electromagnetic properties of a Quartz crystal share the same type of electromagnetic properties of the body, thus somehow the crystal’s electromagnetic energy flows can positively interact with the same electromagnetic energy flow of the human body.

The quantum theory helps to explain the effect of crystals in our psychological and biological life. Even disregarding the Quantum theory, the use of healing crystals and gemstones has been a beneficial practice used by people throughout centuries. This practice is very beneficial for the healing processes.

Crystals and their colors correspond to chakra points in your body. These have been found to have cleansing and energizing properties that interact with the body causing them to work on problem areas. Appling the energy of the crystals and gemstones to the body enhances the cleansing and energizing effect to the body.

Below is a list of the chakras and most popular crystals used in healing.

Root Chakra: Jasper (bloodstone), garnet, onyx and rubies.
Second Chakra: Hematite and moonstone.
Third Chakra: Citrine, amber and topaz.
Fourth Chakra: Rose quartz and Chinese Fluorite.
Fifth Chakra: Aquamarine and turquoise.
Six Chakra: Sapphire, turquoise and amethyst.
Seventh Chakra: Clear quartz and amethyst.

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do you believe in crystal healing, and do you believe in physic vampires?

i read about this stuff on the internet,have you? and no i’m not buzzed.

Yes I do and use Crystals for healing it is the energy from the precious stones

Crystal Healing

Here are some common crystals and their healing properties

Quartz: For crystal healing quartz is the most popular and extensively used crystal. It comes in many kinds, colours, shapes and size, among which are amethyst, citrine, clear quartz, snow quartz, smokey quartz, etc. I started out with the quartz crystals, learned as much as I can and started to work with a few Quartz family of crystals.

Clear quartz: Come as points, clusters, druze, in all sizes, shapes and inclusions. Quartz crystal unblocks energy centres and helps the body heal. Simply holding a quartz point each day helps boost the immune system.

Excerpt from Krystina Arcati’s book: Gems and Crystal healing for the Beginners About an eighth of the world’s crust is quartz, and it has been used in buildings for thousands of years. Many ancient people mistakenly believed clear quartz to be fossilized ice, Roman ladies used to carry quartz balls to cool their hands when the weather turned warm. I find clear quartz are very helpful in meditation. It helps the mind to focus;it helps dispel negativities.

Rose Quartz: Soft pink colour in itself is very calming. It is the stone for self- love, to uphold self-esteem when it is being compromised, a calming stone. It helps promote forgiveness by releasing the anger and pain and the other negative energies. Rose quartz exposes emotional imbalances; keep a rose quartz in a room where arguments may likely occur;it helps keep the boiling point down. Sit with a rose quartz in meditation when you are feeling perturbed, helps calm you down emotionally and feel an inner peace.

Amethyst: Comes in deep shade of purple or lilac. t is said that those who choose rose quartz are also drawn to amethyst. This is a spiritual stone,indicates creativity,capability of spiritual healing. Keep one under your pillow, reduces nightmares, enhances dream state. Amethyst is a good crystal healing against alcoholism.

Citrine: Comes in deep orange-brown or bright yellow color. This stone does not absorb negative energies, also known as the merchant stone, good to hold when is under stress and anxiety. It is a stone that helps one in polishing communication skills.

Smokey quartz: Has been considered a good luck stone.In the past, it was given to soldiers about to go to battle. It helps alleviate negativities and promotes relaxation. Kept under the pillow at night,it is said to induce lucid dreaming. Explore your inner self with smokey quartz.It helps to balance sexual energy and helps in recall activities. Natural stones have stronger energies and healing properties.

Crystal Healing and Grounding

Sometimes we are vulnerable to stress because we are not properly grounded. The energy level is spread out all over, focus is lacking or absent, you know not whether you are coming or going.

Some grounding stones to help are: smokey quartz, hematite, tiger’s eye and black tourmaline. There are others that are equally effective.

Hematite: This stone is helpful when one tends to take on the negative energies of others,like when you allow yourself to be a sounding board for everyone.

Carnelian: A chalcedony, jasper, translucent, also called red agate, an orange crystal believed to help one find focus amid confusion.

Moonstone: Format like others off white in colour, it is a variety of feldspar with aluminium. It has a pearly appearance – can be white, grey, pale yellow or almost colourless. It is believed that moonstone’s energy grows weaker and stronger as the moon wanes and waxes.It soothes stress, good for grounding,, being referred to at times as “mother earth” stone. It enhances intuitive sensitivities, helps promote smoother flow of life.

Lapis Lazuli: This stone is believed to have links to biblical, Sumerian and Egyptian origins. Its name is partly Arabic for “blue” (lazurite) and partly Latin ‘stone” (lapis). Lapis has been a popular healing stone for several centuries- for eyesight problems, to heal fevers and self -assurance. This is a good stone for meditation. People who show a natural affinity to this stone will find that it helps one to develop and increase psychic awareness. It also helps in cases of depression.

Tiger’s Eye: This stone is a member of the quartz family. It’s variety in colour range from yellow, red, brown, golden yellow, green and blue, They make eye-catching jewellery. Tiger’s Eye is helpful as a protective stone. You can carry it around in your purse, leave it in your car, or as a jewellery. It is said to counter-act nervousness, increases self-confidence and provides protection. In meditation, the layers of dark colour next to bright colours seem to be the epitome of the Yin/Yang principle, the positive and negative principle working together.


As for Psychic Vampires yes are people that suck the energy out of people just as Vampires suck blood have you ever been talking to someone then walked away feeling weak ? that is when the energy has been sucked out of you

There is no fixing them, there is no changing them, there is no compromise with this. Psychic vampires feed on your empathic abilities, and they rely on the fact that you are a healer, that you are compassionate, and that it’s very difficult to say no when you see someone in trouble or pain.

Here are some basic tricks that will help you set boundaries:

Do not try to fix them, or their situation. For example Amy comes to you and tells you that every man she’s found uses her for her money then dumps her. She knows the pattern, understands it, but keeps getting caught in it. Every time she’s dumped she comes crying to you for hours. If you are not there to hold her hand then you are suddenly uncaring and unfeeling in her mind. The world according to Amy, and why aren’t you revolving yours around it. The best way to handle Amy is keep it brief, short, and simply be a mirror for her feelings. It would go something like this: Amy I hear you. You have yet again gotten into another situation and you are upset. You have said (then parrot whatever she has said about the situation). I acknowledge your feelings about the matter and yes that would be upsetting. Amy the answer is in your hands. You know the pattern and only you can change it. Amy I have to go now. Thanks for calling and I have faith that you will sort this out. End of story. Get the idea?

Refuse to take their issues on yourself, and do not feel guilty when you set your boundaries. Remember that Amy will attempt to do whatever she can to bleed you dry. The minute you let your need to help her or fix her overwhelm you, you have created a leech that will continue to suck you dry. So if Amy starts in with, what sort of friend are you? How can you not do…(fill in the blanks), how can you not be (fill in the blanks), you have to basically put it back right in her lap. Do NOT take it on. Amy you’ve said how can I not do (whatever), but the real question is what is it that YOU can do? You’ve said how can I not be (whatever), but what other choices could you have made and how can YOU be different and do differently?

Limit the amount of time you have to deal with this if you absolutely MUST deal with it. Be like a duck, let their demands roll off your back. You do NOT have to fix them, and in fact an attempt to do so is like trying to fix a black hole. It just isn’t going to happen because people like this get secondary gains out of being a perenial victim. They love the attention, the poor me, it’s everyone else bit, and they can sit back and blame the world and never take responsibility for themselves.

Ground ground ground, then ground. This can be done by meditation, prayer, breathing, whatever floats your boat. Take time for you, and make sure that you are not over extending your energies.

Consider whether this relationship is necessary to maintain. If it’s a family member you may have to really stick to your boundaries. Remember a psychic vampire is an emotional bully who feels entitled to suck you dry. They will slam against every boundry and test every inch of resolve you have to find a breach they can use in order to find a hold to suck you dry again. In some cases I’ve seen it become all out psychological warfare. A psychic vampire does not like loosing control, and being a vampire is an ultimate form of control. Often they will do whatever it takes to get it back to where it was. It will be up to you to be strong and absolutely refuse to be drawn back into that.

Find friends and other people who help build you up. Read books about codependency and how to build boundaries. Keep a checklist and question why you have this relationship, or that person in your life. Is it for your highest good? What can you learn from it? Journal your thoughts, see how many of your thoughts or perceptions about a person are negative then ask…do you really want this in your life? If so at what cost to you? Finally remember that as Lightworkers it is natural that there will be people who will want to partake of our energy. This is like a moth to a flame, but that doesn’t mean we have to let every moth into our inner circle.

Love & Blessings

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