Hair Quartz

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Hair Quartz

Hair Quartz

Can My Skin, Nails, And Hair Benefit From Silica Supplements

Though silica has been present in our food, body and sand for ages, it’s only recently that researches have actually started comprehending the true value of this multifaceted element.

The human body is made up tissues, bones and skin, which are held together by collagen. Silica helps in strengthening the collagen and plays a vital role in its formation. As a result, silica is a natural constituent of bones, hair skin and nails of the human body.

It is quite a paradox that though silica is one of the most abundant elements on the surface of this planet, yet a variety of researches reveal that the human body loses about 41% of silica through the natural processes of elimination. Therefore, in order to maintain optimum levels of silica in the body, it’s important to take more of silica rich foods like unrefined grains, fruits, alfalfa, onions, sunflower seeds, peanuts, almonds, oats and flax-seed.

Delayed aging and prevention of diseases like atherosclerosis are some of the well-known benefits of silica. The other lesser known benefits include reduction of high blood pressure and enhancing the blood circulation in the body. Silica also helps in protecting the lung tissues from pollution and aids in their maintenance and repair. It also helps in reducing inflammation in the body. People who are at a risk of developing kidney stones or urinary infection can benefit from silica since it is a natural diuretic. Silica also helps in curing and preventing diarrhea and aids in healing ulcers of the stomach and the intestines. This element can help in alleviating lower back pain and healing haemorrhoidal tissues.

Many researches have also revealed that silica helps diabetics by catalyzing the production of an enzyme inhibitor called elastase in the pancreas. It also helps in enhancing the elasticity of the joints and thus increasing the mobility. Silica may also help in lessening the pain associated with rheumatism and osteoarthritis. Certain studies have indicated that it may even help in the stimulation of processes like cell division and metabolism.

Silica augments the vigor and elasticity of the hair. Studies have indicated that it may even prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s by reducing the aluminum absorption in the body and also help in eliminating it as well.

Though it has not received an official conformation, yet a lot of studies have shown that the presence of adequate amounts of silica is essential for the optimum functioning of the human body. When trying to find the best silica supplements one should look for a pure, all natural source such as quartz crystal. Quartz crystal is the second most abundant compound found on this earth. Silicon Dioxide is Quartz Crystal Quartz crystal is made up for one Silicon and two Oxygen molecules.
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supplements will not have an instant effect on your body, so you should take them at a younger age. As you get older, you do not consume enough silica to keep the body looking young, so a quality silica supplement that comes from a natural source such as
quartz crystal
will be best.

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Hope this helps.

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