Goldstone Crystal

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Goldstone Crystal

Goldstone Crystal

Have Your Own Wish Stones

The act of making wishes is fun. It can be a child’s game for some while to others, it can be taken seriously. The act of wishing and believing in wishes reflect of our cultures and beliefs. In many cultures, for example, wish stones are much used to bring good luck, prosperity, love, and all kinds of positive ideas and energy.
Wish stones are small stones made of precious gemstones or material that have lucky inscriptions or carvings on them. These wish stones can usually be bought at feng shui stores, charm stores, and even accessories shops. People who believe in the idea of positive and negative energy, feng, shui, good and bad luck are all believers of the numerous benefits of wish stones.
How Can Wish Stones Be Used?
Wish stones can be used as part of jewelry or accessories. Necklace pendants or bracelet charms made of these lucky wish stones are very popular in many countries. They may be seen attached to necklaces as pendants or even worn as small earrings. Another way to use wish stones is to have them somewhere near you. If you do not wear the wish stones on your body as jewelry, you can opt to have them near by keeping them in your bag, pocketbook or purse. Having a wish stone handy can bring good luck to the person who has it and uses it. Of course, it is believed that aside from good luck, you can make your wishes true with every wish stone.
What are the Different Kinds of Wish Stones?
In feng shui, certain gemstones or precious stones are believed to attract good health and luck. Examples of these precious gems are crystal quartz. Crystal quartz comes in different colors and shapes. They may be worn as part of jewelry or simply placed in a room or house to attract good fortune.
Another kind of wish stones are those precious gemstones like jade, onyx, and natural agate which in turn, have their own inscription or engraving. The inscriptions on these small wish stones can vary as some of them may read the words luck, money, love, health, or whatever wish the person has.
Examples of Jewelry Wish Stones
Most wish stones can be made into pocket totems, necklace pendants or wish stone keychains. Here are some of the examples that you can choose from based on the different precious stone and the inscription:
1. Precious Gems
Gemstones can come in the forms of green jade, blue goldstone, natural agate, rose quartz, white jade, or in hematite.
2. Inscriptions or EngravingOn the lucky gemstones, you may choose from different symbol or word inscriptions like “love”, “health”, “money”, etc

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I want to put crystals in the bottom of my fish tank. Which ones are safe to put in and which ones aren’t?

I have quartz, rainbow obsidian, goldstone, citrine, amythyst and a whole bunch of other ones too

Although most of these minerals are ok to put into the tank, remember igneous rock can leach too many minerals into the water. Like with the goldstone which contains copper and/or copper salts.

As for the citrine it is rarely found naturally. Most commercial citrine is in fact artificially heated amethyst or smoky quartz or manufactured with heavy plastics in a lab.

If they are polished and you are sure these items won’t leach, you can add them. I would watch the goldstone if you are getting items like crabs or shrimp.

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