Fossil Stone

by admin on February 11, 2011

Fossil Stone

Fossil Stone

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Fossil Stone Technique (Masculine Card)

How should a rough Diamond “feel”?

Smooth?Slippery? Like it’s Greased?…I have a possible Glacier Diamond found in Wisconsin..I am very fluent in Fossils,Geography and Rocks and Minerals and this stone is like nothing I have ever found. I collect fossils mainly and the quarries I frequent have massive glacial till piles.I always ckeck these if the fossil hunting sucks..I am nervous about taking it to jewler and find out no it’s not and feel stupid..I am trying to find any and all info to help me before I go..It’s amazing how the internet and local library have nothing on identifying a diamond.

About 1/2 way down the page in the link might help you.

In placer mining diamonds, the mud doesn’t cling to the surface of a diamond like it does other stones (as if it were greased).

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