Eye Tigereye

by admin on October 15, 2010

Eye Tigereye

Eye Tigereye

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Tiger Eye: Up Close and Personal

Baby chick looks like it was pecked by the hens. What should we do other than hand-raising it?

There’s a chick we saw with one of the hens (Caramel, I think) that looked like… to describe it in a less gross way, it looked like it was wearing a little red bald cap, and the area around one of its eyes also had no feathers but did not seem bloody like the top of its head (it was one big bald area covering most of the poor thing’s head). Tigereye (the other hen) tried to kill it, so we have to hand raise it as she was the only other option. Aside from all the normal stuff, what should we do? It must be really hurting, and what if it could get an infection?

And yes, I’m a 13 year old girl. How could you tell?

Chickens do this..they have a tendancy to pick on one..usually chicks will do this to other chicks till they are killed…just what they do. You have to separate it but small chicks are delicate and it might not make it, though it might. If you separate it, you need to put at least one other chick with it till it is older..they do not like to be alone. Give them some room and you can keep them in a box with an old towel in the bottom or sawdust, but you will have to change it often. Keep it warm and see what happens. I would just leave any injury..you cannot just put a bunch of stuff on little chicks.

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