Diamond Faceted Crystal

by admin on January 7, 2010

Diamond Faceted Crystal

Diamond Faceted Crystal

The Sparkle of Swarovski Crystal Enchanted My Wife

I recently gave my wife a ring for her birthday. Hoping I could find something very special, I made plans to go to the mall to make my purchase. Surprisingly, a Bradford Exchange catalog arrived that day and I glanced through it and found the exact kind of ring I wanted. Thank goodness, I was saved from “a trip to hell.”

The ring band was nicely styled in gold and silver and the setting was a Swarovski clear, faceted crystal.. Even though I sell crystal jewelry on my site, I don’t carry rings. I thought that this ring would be a perfect gift for her. At least this one time I was right.

The first thing she said when she opened the box was, “Wow! Look at that sparkle!!” She was right, it was dazzling. But it didn’t end there. For the next two weeks she was flashing her ring in all different light sources.

She held her hand at the window, under the end table lamp, in the car and in bed reading. Her hand had been flashing for two weeks and each time she would smile and say, “Look how it sparkles,” or “do you see the sparkle?” She was so cute, I was touched.

My wife wore the ring to work everyday and she would come home and tell me how the coworkers liked the ring and how nicely it sparkled. This of course intensified her enthusiasm for the sparkle. After several days one of her lunch buddies started to ask her if it was a diamond. My wife stopped her mid-sentence and said, “It’s not a diamond and if it were I’d make him take it back and make him build a deck for me.” (Oh boy, just what I need,-another major house project.)

One evening we decided to go to the movies to see the new Harry Potter film. When the feature started the theater lights dimmed to total darkness and the opening scene of the film started in pitch black. My wife nudged me and whispered, “Look, it even sparkles in the dark.” I looked at the ring and sure enough tiny gold sparkles were dancing along the edge of the crystal.

It has been four weeks since I gave my wife the ring. She stills looks at the ring, then at me and smiles as she makes another comment about the sparkle. Now, I’m just an ordinary guy who doesn’t understand or comprehend the inner workings of the female mind or psyche.

I have simply concluded that the sparkle of Swarovski crystal has enchanted my wife. Yes, that’s it. I’m sure of it.

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Lowry Mell is a retired Merchandiser and former Marketing and Business Consultant. His articles focus on new and creative ways to use and display crystal figurines. For more information, visit: http://www.CrystalSplendor.com

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Question for muslims…?

From the Guiness book of world records:

The world’s largest cut diamond is an unnamed Fancy Black, containing small red diamond crystals. It weighs 555.55 carats and was polished into 55 facets over several years and completed in June 2004. The repetitive use of the number five is culturally significant in the Islamic world, and was inspired by Ran Gorenstein (Belgium), who also commissioned this creation.

…Anyhow, what is signifigant about the number 5 in islam?

there is no significance of number 5 in islam,
Islam means SUBMISSION to Allah,any one who submitts to Allah,is a submitter,be it Muslim, jew,christian or any one.

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