Clear Quartz Pendulum

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Clear Quartz Pendulum

Clear Quartz Pendulum

Watch The Construction Industry Base In Shenzhen

Short span of 20 years, from scratch and from weak to strong watch industry in Shenzhen from Hong Kong’s watch industry, to undertake independent research and development transferred to their own brands, has become the world’s largest watch and clock production base, not only to gather more than 1,100 businesses, 160,000 practitioners, thousands of R & D personnel, the annual output value of 15 billion yuan, accounting for 40% of the world’s total output; also occupies a watch industry, nine “Chinese famous brand” in the four seats. This pace of development can only be described as fusion. As a “nuclear reactor” in Shenzhen Watch & Clock Association, but also how to enterprises to create this “special conditions” it?

Market and civil interactions allow the industry association, “and promising another bit”

The Shenzhen Watch & Clock Association executive vice president and secretary general Zhushun Hua told reporters that a thorough market-oriented, folk-oriented and well-functioning mechanism for industry associations, “both for another place.” From the initial establishment of the Association will be positioning itself as a talent, technology, innovation, business promotion, and a full range of business services. In order to fulfill this commitment, they have built up a 10 service platform. First of all, organized in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair to expand the brand’s influence; and then to build information platform for China watches, clocks and watches Quality Inspection Center, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Watch Industry Training Center, Shenzhen City, watches the skills identified by the Shenzhen Municipal Intellectual Property Information Center, Shenzhen City, Watch R & D Service Center, as well as domestic watch industry’s first digital library and a series of public technical service platform for the industry;

At the same time, the association has also created a “trade association + university” in watch and clock industry in Shenzhen school model training senior personnel. Also worth mentioning is that the association’s leadership team directly elected by the members of this innovative approach to lay the association’s appeal; while those elected or technical experts as well-known entrepreneurs, but also to ensure that the association’s influence. Naturally, entrepreneurs were Industry Association “gather” to together. Conversations Zhu Shunhua more than once talked about the relationship among members. He said: “Society is for members to provide services rather than providing guidance. Associations and interaction among its members is a good understanding of the interactive industry needs not only to the Association, letting members can promptly adjust the direction of industry, this is a win-win situation model. ”

Branding and technological innovation achievements of the industry leader

To undertake the transfer of Hong Kong’s industries not only make the Association the opportunity to learn advanced management experience of Hong Kong enterprises, but also let them see the foundry in Hong Kong “consequences.” That is, beyond simple imitation can never be achieved. Therefore, the Association has always been the “Tree brand and promote innovation” as the most important task. The mid-80s, “Tempo,” the introduction of quartz watches, watch brand development in Shenzhen opened the curtain; 90 By the mid-wave, Fiyta, Heavenly King, Overlord “four kings” of the rise of domestic brands has laid a leader in Shenzhen status; today more than 140 companies have their own brands, of which fifty or sixty homes in the country has a very high reputation and market share, 37% of enterprises have more than one patent or intellectual property rights, as well as more than 600 patented products. 20 years ago, Shenzhen, only in the low-end watch industry for the whole wedding dress; but today, when a fusion of traditional Chinese pieces of enamel, ivory carving techniques and tourbillon, chronograph, hollow, bare pendulum, damping, etc. top technology products present in people before, people had to marvel Shenzhen people in the design, R & D rapidly progress; while the expression of the brand content, whether it is Fiyta the “time”, according to wave KANA’s “Lucky are because of the letter itself, “or King’s” say what, love at first sight, “Tempo table,” Return of the King “, are all reveals a master’s touch. 20 years, the achievements of Shenzhen Watch & Clock Revival domestic brands and manufacture of double winners.

In 2007, the strong momentum of development in Shenzhen watch industry suddenly felt a bit of coolness. Raw materials, land, labor and other production elements, as well as fluctuations in the prices of successive rising exchange rate, for many export-orientated manufacturers moved to the initiation of the idea, many local governments have also offered an olive branch to the Association in due course. Is to continue to take the processing controlled by others? Or create their own brand? Association, showed the clear-cut view: watch industry is a fashion industry, urbanization, only the city was required to possess a large number of enterprise development, design, development, manufacture and marketing personnel as well as the favorable environment for innovation; a simple solution might be able to temporarily transfer of the storm, but can not afford to hundred days of worry-free.

Looking at the world watch industry history, Switzerland has experienced the same problem, but by the high-end products continue to extend, until today, the Swiss watch industry still maintains vitality. While the enterprises are facing many difficulties, but urbanization in China is also facing unprecedented opportunities for development, people’s consumer demand is growing rapidly, if we can seize the opportunity, Shenzhen, watch and clock industry will embark on a rapid development path, blacksmith must own hard, in order to seize this opportunity, industrial upgrading is the only way, even to go through “labor pains.”

Face of a common predicament, they chose Bao Tuan heating. On the one hand, the development of new materials, new techniques, new styles, improve product quality, function, on the other hand, strengthen cooperation between enterprises and enterprises, through the compression of upstream and downstream industry chain to reduce costs and improve the capacity of the common risks, the association is more is to guide enterprises to differentiate their products production, effectively avoid a price war for business damage. It is this series of precautionary measures to Shenzhen’s watch and clock industry has withstood the test of the financial crisis, early decline in the export market have slightly recovered; the domestic market, the Shenzhen brand’s market share keeps rising, in the traditional off-season have made more than ten per cent growth. Shenzhen watch the whole industry, the growth in the second half is more worth the wait, watch and clock industry in Shenzhen rainbow after the storm ushered.

To build the public service platform to actively promote the “two” of integration

On the Shenzhen Municipal Government’s support to the watch industry, Zhushun Hua said: “can not help but want to commend our government’s vision and courage. Association built a series of public technical service platform for the industry are the direct support of the Shenzhen Municipal Government built. six or seven years ago, the Shenzhen Municipal Government had the courage to enormous amount of money, and businesses in close interaction lead in the information industry associations, quality control, research and development, testing, personnel training, intellectual property protection of the public platform to build industry, an all-round for the business escort. Facts have proved that the Shenzhen government oversight of this administration, industry associations is an effective mode of operation, the Shenzhen Watch & Clock can become absolute advantage in the domestic industry, the Shenzhen Municipal Government contributed. and the recent country-driven Most of reform will be more effective to play the role of trade associations. ” We have reason to believe that the Government and the Association’s strong partnership, will promote Shenzhen’s watch industry, “two” of integration has leapt to a new level.

Do “Created in China” and handed watches

The industry are aware that domestic high-end brand and Switzerland, Japan, is almost the same quality of similar products, materials and processing fineness is also very close, and even some foreign brands to use is the “China-core” can be affixed if the price of foreign brands is several times more than domestic brands. Zhu Shunhua on this issue also has his own views. In his view, as society progresses, more and more customers tend to purchase the whole service system, not just the product’s features, which requires companies in quality management and brand promotion, as well as value-added services to do more on the input natural price may vary. If our Shenzhen brand in the whole service system can perfect match to the foreign brands, improve precision manufacturing and high-tech application level, strict quality management, focusing on the accumulation of brand reputation, while the Shenzhen brand has all the elements of the brand in the world , Shenzhen Brand Natural is the world’s brand.

The financial crisis spread to Shenzhen, the brand brought the “corner overtaking” opportunities. Statistics show that China has replaced Europe and the United States as the world’s largest luxury goods consumer market, while the clock is the flagship luxury. In a time when foreign brands vied for the China, Shenzhen brands have Liang Jian. They believe that when the people will be “Made in China” and handed down for generations pass, like watches, like antique, in the highlight distinguished the same time, share of national pride is by no means a Swiss watches can be compared.

Zhushun Hua said, the association for several years, Shenzhen has been intense preparations for watches industrial base has gradually improved together. Base stress among enterprises gathered a powerful combination of the demand of enterprises must be assigned to other enterprises in-depth cooperation on new projects or the corporate headquarters moved, gathered will not only provide information for enterprises, quality, research and development, testing , training, and other public services, more importantly, for the industry to create one with the overall benefits of the industry value chain, for the enterprise to shorten product development cycles to achieve industrial upgrading and creative space. The establishment of industrial agglomeration is not only to consolidate the base of the world’s watch manufacturing center in Shenzhen, but also want to create a regional brand, Shenzhen, make positive efforts to the next 5 to 10 years, hoped that the Shenzhen clocks in the international arena is not only a manufacturing city, is brand Du.

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