Chakra Pendulum

by admin on December 20, 2010

Chakra Pendulum

Chakra Pendulum

There is no definite answer for how or why pendulum or dowsing sessions work. The majority of people believe that with openness and willingness, a dowsing tool becomes a channel for your higher self, guides, angels, or what your own interpretation of God, to help give us the answers we seek.

A pendulum can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish to make this. Simple ones can be anything from a string or chain with a weighted object attached to this. A more elaborate pendulum can be specific crystals and fancy chains that are used for their attributes and properties associated with them. Either one is appropriate, as it is your connection with your higher self and the spiritual world that is important in this type of work.

When used for divination purposes, the pendulum acts as an antenna and strengthens the energy vibrations that come through from your guides, angels or higher self. These energy vibrations give you the answers you are seeking by focusing on the pendulum swing to guide you in your answer.

Once you find or make a pendulum that is energetically fitting of you, wear it around your neck, preferably over your heart chakra, for a few days.

While doing this, tell your subconscious mind that you intend to use this pendulum as a way to talk to your higher self, guides or angels. Remember, your imagination can open the door to psychic knowing and awareness.

Once you select your pendulum, don’t allow anyone else to touch it. Your pendulum develops a vibration specific to you through your wearing it and infusing it with your intention over a period of days.

It then becomes a clear channel to your energy, and anyone else’s energy will interrupt this flow of vibrations, much like static or interference on a telephone line.

I hope this helps all of you on your spiritual pathway in life. If you have any questions or wish to learn more about becoming a pendulum therapist, feel free to visit us at

Many Blessings and Love and Light

Nicole Lanning

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