Chakra Note

by admin on March 6, 2003

Chakra Note

Chakra Note

Reiki for the Brow Chakra

The brow chakra is commonly referred to as the third eye in Reiki, and is also referred to in other forms of meditation from Eastern countries. The brow chakra is the sixth chakra, and is used for a portal for universal energies. The healing and flow of energy to this chakra contains several different elements. In relation to this, the third eye chakra holds several special characteristics.

The brow chakra is located above the nose and in the center of the forehead. This particular chakra is known to be the beginning of higher consciousness and mental powers. Many cultures believe that this chakra is the most important to understanding spirituality and metaphysical truth. Because of this, many will also refer to it as the Eye of Wisdom, Inner Eye Chakra or the Command Chakra.

The most prominent characteristic in the third eye chakra relates to the knowledge of being. This is said to be the most apparent when one is between the ages of 35 and 42. Recognizing things is another aspect that is apparent with the third eye chakra. Many who have psychic abilities and high intuition are said to have an open third eye. When it is open, the aura is said to be like the ninety-six petal lotus. The aura that will be seen in relation to this is indigo. Yellow and violet may also mix with this aura.

When a Reiki practitioner is sending universal energies to this area or clearing a blockage, they will gently place their hands above the eyes and on the forehead. They will then move in a circular motion in order to release old energies and let universal energies in. For females, the movement is a clockwise circulation, and for males, this is counter-clockwise.

There may also be several other methods that can be used in relation to this healing method. In Reiki toning, the note of A may be used on the mantra of ‘Ksham’. The vibration used in this sound will open up the energies to the universal energy. The aromas of mint and jasmine may also be used when clearing this chakra. Gemstones that may be placed on this area include lapis lazuli, indigo sapphire and sodalities. All of these will send energies to the brow chakra to help in releasing the negative energies and opening the third eye to higher consciousness.

Many times, when one needs healing with their pituitary gland they will work on sending energies through the third eye chakra, as they are known to both be connected. After someone has been through this healing, they may remain in a half awake state of mind for at least four hours. They may also experience visions of the night time sky as a direct relation to the third eye chakra.

When opening the third eye chakra to the universal energies through Reiki healing, it allows one to move to a level of deeper understandings and mental states. Through the different techniques that are used, one will easily be able to open the third eye chakra to the universe.

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What does it feel like when you successfully open a chakra gate?

I am trying to open my chakra gates, and have a technique. The only thing I am missing is what to look for so that I know when I have opened a gate. NOTE: this has nothing to do with the anime Naruto.
I especially need info on the first chakra point, or root chakra.

I’ve tried the methods in the book “Fountain of Youth.” I didn’t notice anything but the techniques were good for balance and posture. I felt gravity was lifted off of my mind, body, and spirt after a native american sweat.

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