Card Healing

by admin on November 13, 2004

Card Healing

Card Healing

Personal Energy Cards

In a world of ever evolving technology the leaps in energy medicine are Quantum in size and nature. A doctor in Australia with a background in engineering has developed a device that has the ability to energize thousands of healing frequencies onto a card the size of any credit card you may have in your wallet. You may be asking how that is possible and how effective this therapy would actually be in dealing with any health issue. A valid question.

First the recognition that our bodies are able to receive frequencies and emit a frequency is important to understand. Quantum physics provides the science to this fact and every time you have an MRI or CAT scan you are validating it. Our bodies each have a unique frequency they resonate on or with and they are able to receive frequencies if properly formatted. It’s very much like wearing a pain patch or smoking patch. The body is smart and knows exactly where to send the medicine or substance in a patch to the appropriate area of the body. The same is true of the Personal Energy Card the body knows which frequencies to use and how to assimilate them via a card the size of any credit card. The only requirement is to keep the card within five (5) feet of your person in order for the body to access the frequencies embedded in the card. The effectiveness of the cards are generally evident within the first few hours to a day of use. This is especially true for specialty cards such “Insomnia”, “Jet Lag”, “Headache/Migraine”, “Pain” and even “Feel Good” cards. These cards are set for a specific issue and supply frequencies to de-stress the energetic body which in turn balances the physical body. Because these cards can be taken with you, carry them in a purse, a wallet whatever, the card then provides continual, safe holistic therapy.

Who can use these cards? Anyone, adults, children and even pets can benefit from using these cards. Yes, even pets have benefitted from the cards. Animals like humans are a living being with a life force. It is this life force that emits a frequency and animals can receive a passive, positive energetic therapy to help relieve stress from any assortment of ailments. The same is true for children. From a cold or flu the cards can be placed in close proximity to a child and the frequencies will help to neutralize the stress and symptoms of even a common cold. Each person is unique so people will react differently. Some people are extremely sensitive and they may “feel” the effects, whereas most people may just notice their symptoms improving. Regardless the cards have a broad appeal and have no side effects. The worst thing that can happen is sensitive people may need to keep the card at a distance when they sleep.

How much do the cards cost? This is the best part, they are the most reasonable form of an energetic session you can get at this time. The cards start at $25 for the basic frequencies of motivation, detox, love, energy, etc. a total of 12 frequencies. For $50 you can have a card with thousands of frequencies that focus on any issue you may need such as insomnia, pain, weight loss, asthma, depression, fatigue, snore prevention and many more. These cards are equivalent to having several energetic sessions with the EPFX/SCIO Quantum Biofeedback device. Only alternative medicine practitioners who use the EPFX/SCIO Quantum Biofeedback device can create these energetic cards as it requires specific equipment to create them. The Personal Energy Card is a great way to experience energy medicine for the first time and or to enhance any other complementary alternative medicine modality. The frequencies on the cards will stay fresh for about one year unless the magnetic strip is damaged severely. You can even wash the card and the card will still be resonant. These unique Personal Energy Cards offer another solution in your healthcare options for improved health and quality of life. While these cards don’t replace medication or nutritional supplements they offer another viable choice for therapy without the side effects.

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