Bloodstone Pendulum

by admin on June 22, 2010

Bloodstone Pendulum

Bloodstone Pendulum

Gemstone meanings can be varied and fluid, which to many who work with them, is part of the beauty and power of crystals. They are flexible both in the therapeutic values they possess and also because  their energies can be combined and influenced by the presence of other crystals, as well as your mood and surroundings. So there are many facets to the benefits! The more standard gemstone meanings are only your starting point. Here are 10 of the most popular gemstones and meanings for you to begin with and some information on how to further your work.


From the quartz family. Lilac or violet in colour this is one of the most popular all-rounders!  It is good for creative thinking and awareness as it brings clarity and stillness. Traditionally it has also always been used as a protective talisman so is good worn about your person.


Bloodstone is as strong in its characteristics as it is in colour and appearance. It encourages fairness and justice so can be used for those times when you feel that you need a little help in your corner.

Tiger’s Eye

Strong and protective, tiger’s eye has traditionally been used to ward off curses. It encourages personal growth  in the wearer and helps you to recognise our own abilities.


A member of the quartz family, this is a very tough crystal! So it may be a bit of a surprise to find out that it’s also known as the cuddle stone on account of its ability to chase away the blues and lift your spirits.

Rose Quartz

For love! Gentle but passionate, rose quartz can be used alongside a pink spell candle to bring love to you. You can use this gemstone in conjunction with the lovers tarot card too!

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is even soothing in its appearance. It helps to bring clarity in decision making and enables you to access your innate wisdom.


A galvanising force to get you out of a rut. Particularly useful therefore worn as jewellery as its influence is then with you over a long period of time.

Red jasper

For this gemstone, meanings range from bringing stability into your life if you’ve been through a time of upheaval to encouraging a calmness of spirit and even to bringing harmony to mind and body.


Sodialite can bring harmony and trust back into your heart so this is particularly good for if you are having relationship problems.


Cleansing and spiritual, it can help to unblock you and your energies by giving you the power to rid yourself of the obstacles that hold you back.

As mentioned in the introduction, gemstone meanings can be very flexible and so can the ways in which you use them. You can place the crystals in a corner of your room while you sleep, carry them around with you in your bag, or wear a gemstone as a piece of jewellery. I also prefer to work with a crystal pendulum to increase the power.

So don’t be afraid to experiment to find out how the different gemstone meanings, benefits and effects work for you. The essence of the crystal will remain the same but be creative in finding new ways to draw out the therapeutic powers.

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