Bamboo Stone

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Bamboo Stone

Bamboo Stone

Bring Nature Home With Bamboo Fountains

Bamboo fountains can add a natural magical touch to your garden. The concept of bamboo fountains came from Japan where these were used to scare away the deer from the rice paddies. As such they are also known as Deer chasers. These were also used by monks for timing their meditation. Besides increasing the charm of your garden, bamboo fountains are environment friendly. These days there is a great emphasis on using eco friendly materials; hence bamboo fountains are a good choice. Bamboo water fountains can be kept either indoors or outdoors.

Things Required For Making A Bamboo Fountain

You require very basic things for making a bamboo fountain. You will need bamboo, hose pipe, pump, a base, rod, screws and container. You have to buy these things in accordance to the type and style of the fountain that you wish to make. If you are making an outdoor fountain, it is advisable that you use good quality bamboo that will not crack due to the extreme weather conditions. It is better to polish the bamboo. This will make it look prettier and also increase its lifespan. Apart from these, you will need tools like a drill machine, screw driver and a wood saw.

How To Make A Simple Bamboo Fountain?

Cut the bamboo sticks to the required length. You will need three big bamboo sticks – one which will hold the nozzle and the other two that will hold the moving part of the bamboo fountain. This moving part of the fountain collects the water and empties it as the weight of the collected water increases. Drill a hole in the centre of the two big bamboo sticks and also in the centre of the moving part. Assemble these using a rod to make a pivot type arrangement.

The second part is easier to make- pass the pipe from the pump through the bamboo. This pipe ends at the top where there is a nozzle made of bamboo. Mount all these on the base using the screws in such a manner that the water coming out of the nozzle falls inside the moving part of the fountain. Place this arrangement inside the container with the pump placed below the base. You can hide the base by using decorative rocks and stones. Fill the container with water and supply power to the pump. Your bamboo fountain comes alive.

If you are not interested in going through this entire process then the easier way is to buy a kit and assemble it.

How To Maintain Your Bamboo Fountain?

•    Ensure that the pump remains submerged in the water. Clean the pump regularly.
•    Change the water regularly. If your fountain is running continuously then you have to change water less frequently, otherwise you have to change the water more frequently to avoid a foul smell.

If you maintain your bamboo fountain regularly, it will remain the attraction of your house for many years to come.

About the Author

Apurva writes for Soothing Walls, a leading retailer of bamboo Fountain and garden fountains. For more information about different types of fountains visit

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Navy Blue window and external door frames !! What colours go with this?

My new apartment (near the ocean) has mid to navy blue coloured window and external door frames. They cannot be repainted. I would love to have a chocolate brown leather lounge suite and similar compatible furnishings, light coloured walls and either bamboo or light coloured stone tiles. Would this work ? Appreciate thoughts and/or feedback on what would look best….
Many Thanks

I would not concern myself with the blue if it is the exterior of your apartment. If you mean the “interior” window trim and door frames, I think that you are fine with chocolate brown. This will complement any shade of blue except for a white undertone blue, say a sky blue. Then, I would purchase more of a sand color.
But, your purchases will be with you for a long time so choose what you love! You may move in the future and these will be your key pieces. Once you add window treatments and a rug, you won’t notice your blue as much.

You might want to accessorize with blue and gold pillows and then fill the room with shiny brass vases, statues, or whatever gold-colored things you like. You could even use a moss green and blue because the moss is in the gold family. Or, blue and white vases, maybe chinese canton? Whatever floats your boat…Look to your external surroundings to accent with. You should repeat the blue around the room though. Love all of your other ideas with walls and floors!

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