Ball Set

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Ball Set

Ball Set

Top Zhu Zhu Pets Accessories and Play Sets this Christmas

By now you have most likely heard the buzz behind the latest toy craze this holiday season; Zhu Zhu Pets. With their ability to behave, react and adapt to their environment like real Hamsters, these little motorized “pets” are stirring up a mad shopping frenzy rivaling past holiday toy crazes like the Tickle Me Elmo and the Furby. Zhu Zhu Pets by themselves are fun enough for many of their young owners, but there are also a myriad of play sets and other accessories available to outfit/entertain your Zhu Zhu; with the various playsets in particular being customizable and combine-able into one large hamster city: providing hours of fun for your kids. Some of the big Zhu Zhu Pets play sets and accessories this holiday season include:

Hamster Funhouse – The Hamster Funhouse is the main hamster accessory for all new Zhu Zhu Pets owners. This habitat for the hamsters has two main areas consisting of a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and a tunnel to connect the two areas together. The playset also features special “bumps” in areas that stimulate the Zhu Zhu Pets to make unique noises such as sleeping noises in the bedroom, or toliet flushing in the bathroom, along with funny movements. Of course the Hamster Funhouse also has openings that allow it to connect with the other Zhu Zhu pets playsets available, making it a great starting point for building your own Hamster City!

Adventure Ball – Another Zhu Zhu Pets accessory inspired by real-life, this clear blue ball works by first placing a stabilizer below the Zhu Zhu Pet hamster, keeping it from tipping over while inside the ball. The hamster is then placed inside the ball where it is free to explore the world around it, especially over rough surfaces such as carpet where Zhu Zhu Pets on their own may have a hard time treading. As a bonus, the Adventure Ball set also includes a “Rattlin’ Clatterin’ Mini Ball” that can be pushed around by the hamster almost anywhere, including within the playsets themselves.

Spiral Slide and Ramp – This playset has your Zhu Zhu Pets hamster scooting up the ramp, then going down and around on a large corkscrew slide. A simple, but fun addition to a Hamster Funhouse and other playsets.

Surfboard and Sleep Dome – The Surfboard and Sleep Dome set makes hamster surfing a reality. The Zhu Zhu Pets hamster can “surf” around a floor with the surfboard, but it can only surf on land, so don’t try it in water! When the hamster is done for the day, it can rest in the included sleep dome.

Hamster Bed and Blanket with Pet Carrier and Blanket – These two accessories provide your Zhu Zhu Pets hamster with a cozy pouch like plush place to snuggle up and “sleep” with the Hamster Bed and Blanket, or a soft and secure way to take your hamster with you with the Pet Carrier and Blanket. Both accessories come in a range of colors, to personalize your Zhu Zhu Pets even further.

Hamstermobile and Garage – Probably the most interesting Zhu Zhu Pets playset is the Hamstermobile and Garage set. The ingenuity of Zhu Zhu Pets’ artificial intelligence is shown when the hamsters enter the garage, hop in the Hamstermobile, open the garage doors, and drive off all by themselves. Many good times can be had watching the hamsters steer, accelerate, brake, and reverse the Hamstermobile all on their own. As long as they don’t find their way out of your house and motoring on real-life roads, that is.

Hamster Wheel and Tunnel – Much like real-life hamster wheels, the Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Wheel and Tunnel playset is exactly as it says on the box; “Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters scamper up the ramp to jump on the exercise wheel and start running”. Only unlike a real hamster wheel, it can be connected with other Zhu Zhu Pets playsets.

Skateboard and U-Turn – Similar to the Surfboard and Sleep Dome playset, the Skateboard and U-Turn set has our curious little motorized critters tackling the sport of skateboarding. The Zhu Zhu Pets hop on the skateboard and ride up the included U-Turn ramp, to come down and around back on the ground or to another connected playset. May not be quite as spectacular as surfing, but how many hamsters do you know of that can do one, let alone two sports?

Hamster House Starter Set with Exclusive Patches Hamster – A very special playset, the Hamster House Starter Set, like the other playsets in the Zhu Zhu line, creates a fun little play space for you zhu zhu hamsters to roam around in. Of course, the Hamster House also connects with other Zhu Zhu play sets to create one big hamster city. What makes this play set extra special however is the inclusion of Patches the Hamster. Exclusive to this playset set, Patches is a special yellow hamster with a white patch on his back, not available anywhere other than with the Hamster House Starter Set. What better way to start your Zhu Zhu pets collection than with a special limited edition Zhu Zhu Pet by the name of Patches?

Certain accessories and playsets are also available bundled with one of the five current Zhu Zhu Pets, making it easier to get into owning a Zhu Zhu Pet without having to buy one separately. In addition there are even more Zhu Zhu Pets and accessories coming in 2010, so get your hamster surfboard ready, because the Zhu Zhu Pets wave is just starting to hit!

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What do I all need to set up a BALL PYTHON habitat?

I know what you all need, but just in-case i would like one who has EXPERIENCE in this.

contrary to popular belief. ball pythons do not need, nor WANT big huge ass tanks or cages or whatever. they actually want smaller ones. in the wile, they have all that space to roam around in, cause they have to hunt for their food. in captivity, you’re feeding them, which eliminates that need.
ball pythons are notoriously lazy little creatures. they will crawl aroud and explore a little, but by and large, they will curl up under their hides, and just… curl up under their hides. especially if you take your snake out and let him crawl around on your arms or the floor for a little bit every so often, they are more then happy in a 30 gallon tank for their entire lives. many ppl keep them in 20 gallons even.

the only thing you MUST MUST MUST spend good money on is a lid for whatever the hell container you choose to use. your snake WILL escape. it’s a snake. that’s what they do. escape, the most you can do is make it as hard as freaking possible for them to do so. do not weigh your lids down, it won’t work. snakes are nothing but bones and muscle, they’ll push off anything. get something that clips or locks down tight and secure.

as for what you need, you can do it the really expensive, really pretty way, the in between, cheaters version of expensive, or the really cheap, very servicable way.

the expensive way first.
you need a heating source. the best thing to get is an under tank heater. in the wild, ball pythons are nocturnal, so they sleep in the day and come out at night. they crawl out, and warm their little bellies on the sum warmed rocks, but not actually soaking in the sun directly. you want to emulate this, but getting an UTH. (also, they last a lot damn longer then heat lamps do, which break and burn every few months. a UTH is good for years)
unfortunetly, depending on the wattage of your electrical sockets, the UTH will probably get way too hot, and burn your snakes bellies. which is not good at all. so you will also need to get a rheostat, which is kind of like a dimmer switch. it restricts the amount of electricity or whatever, allowing the ability to control the heat settings, which can be gaged by a thermometer.
you probably want to go for a probe theremometer, that you can stick into the substrate to get a really clear indication of the temp.
you probably want to get some bark chips for substrate, cause that will best control the humitity levels in their tanks. the best one is cyprus, or coconut husk. cedar and pine contain toxic chemicals that are fine for plants, but slow poision to pets.
you also want to get a humidity gauge to keep your ball python at a steady air humidity best suited for his health.
you also need a water dish, a hide hut, and some branches or whatever that he can climb around on, when the mood strikes. keep in mind, bigger is better. even if you are getting a hatchling, the suckers grow super fast, so for these things, it’s easier just to get a hide hut that is way too big for it, but still keeps him dark, then it is to always switch and get bigger, and waste all that money.

as for the cheater’s version of expensive, it’s all about finding out where to get these things that is NOT at a pet store, so you don’t have to pay three tiems the going rate.
chain auarium stores, sich as Big Al’s, walmart, or whatever, usually have tanks going for waaaay cheaper then regular pet stores.
hardware stores will have dimmer switches that cost aobut 12 bucks, instead of 30+ for a rheo, and they work the same, if not better. they also have various other things that be modified for pet use, such as digital thermometers, hydrometers and bendy wire things that can be used for your snake to climb around on.

they also sell a large variety of flower pots for very cheap and various sizes, which work just as well, if not better then pet store water dishes and hide huts, and they look not too ugly either. just knock a hole in a pot, or bang it in half lengthwise. ceramic tile is sold for about 4 bucks each, and works wonderfully as basking rocks that are easily cleaned off. just put them on top of the uth. as mntioned before, you can get substrate cheap at gardening supply centers. if you’re handy with a hammer and nail, you might even want to buld your own enclosure, and not need to buy a tank at all. i’ve seen awesome things done to redesigned cabinets or entertainment units.

the very very cheap way is just about the ugliest. though, seriously, your snake isn’t going to care, whatever way you decide to go. he’s not going to complain his house isn’t pretty enough.
the best substrate to use for snakes is sheet sof newspaper. it’s easy to clean up, can’t choke or impact your pets, and is readily availible. i’ve seen one snake sufficate to death with aspen, and i’ve seen my own snake fall over once, and got a chunk of husk stuck in it’s mouth. it tried for a good 3 minutes to get it loosened from his teeth with no avial, i finally pulled it off with tweez

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