Ball Reiki

by admin on September 2, 2008

Ball Reiki

Ball Reiki

Stress Reduction – Useful Tips to Reduce Stress

An understanding of stress reduction must begin with an understanding of stress. Stress is not that stack of un-graded papers. Stress is not the child who insists on asking endless questions, no matter how well you explain. Stress is not a matter of two teenagers leaping into the aisle to fight, while the rest of the class chants, “Fight, fight, fight.” Stress is not the parent who calls repeatedly to complain that you are not doing what is best for her child. Stress is not even the principal inviting you to the office for a job review conference.

Exercise…exercise…exercise. Exercising is a great way to relieve stress. This physical activity is a great outlet for one’s frustration, anger, and negative energy. These are only some of the emotions that accompany stress. If these emotions stay pent up, it will increase a person’s stress level. Also, exercising releases a hormone called endorphins-which has been said to be responsible for promoting the feeling of euphoria, and alleviating physical pain.

Stress reduction trick number 1. Take some body break. Take time to stop whatever it is that you are doing. Lie on the floor with a mat and position yourself in a sunny spot. Try spreading your arms and legs and enjoy the touch of the sun onto your skin. Breathe deeply. Stretch. Normalize your breathing and your mind. You will then feel your spirit being uplifted after doing so.

Feet Manipulation – take off your shoes and wiggle those toes. It sounds silly but it works. Make fists with your toes and use your hand or the floor to stretch your toes back towards your shin. Get a squeezing ball and roll it around with your toes, then roll it underneath your feet back and forth. Soak your feet in a salt water bath or spray them with a nice cooling foot spray.

Like Yoga, although Reiki is spiritual in nature, but it is not associated with any specific religion. You don’t need to have a certain religious belief to practice it. Reiki upholds peace and harmony; this is its most important principle. The same principle used by all religious beliefs. So please make it clear that there is NO intellectual or spiritual requirement in order for someone to practice Reiki. In fact, anyone can learn to practice this powerful stress reduction technique.

No matter what, you will run into stress. Yes you can reduce it in many ways, but a good way to ride through the little stresses in life is combating the big one. This will be different for everybody. You may feel grocery shopping is a nightmare. It is your biggest stress of the week? Well you HAVE to eat right? Can your spouse do the shopping? Is it worth hiring a personal assistant that shops for you? Maybe your 16-year old would love the chance to drive to the store? Give her a list and get her out of the house!

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Reiki healing level 1 – Video 1 Energy Ball Exercise

what to do with chi ball?

I can make some pretty strong chi balls but when it comes to any other type of energy I cant feel much. Warmth at the most… Anyway can you heal yourself with chi balls? How does reiki energy feel compared to chi ball energy???

Well you can play with your balls or get another friend to play too.

Jokes aside, you can use it to relieve pain somewhat, although I don’t know much about healing. I’ve personally used them on sprains and on people who have headaches and / or fever, sinus etc. They say that the feeling is quite good. This may be due to the heat that’s emitted at that time.

Dunno about reiki, so I can’t answer you on that one!

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