Zodiac Funny Money

by admin on November 23, 2008

Zodiac Funny Money

Zodiac Funny Money

Choose a Gift by Horoscope – Funny But True!


There is nothing easier then to choose a gift for Aries! Don’t say you cannot choose a gift!… Buy anything; place it into a ruby fancy box. This is the first rule (and the last one, indeed). It doesn’t matter what will be inside of this ruby box – drumsticks, nopal, Japanese sword, Zazu in a cage, brand new Lexus or Playboy with written words on it “Let’s do it right now!”. The main the gist is prepared beforehand and… specially for them, fascinating Aries! Don’t forget about a greeting card – it must praise and hymn about Aries’s originality!


It is not difficult to gratify a Taurus as well. Take a piece of expensive milk chocolate or Danish blue cheese, wrap it into a 100$ (Euro) bill (as high as better!) – wait, it is just a prelude to a gift…. Taurus loves practical things, solid by touch, look, smell and test… If happened, that this Taurus is dear for your heart then gift him a last model of famous brand drill, microwave or vacuum cleaner. I want to accentuate: remember “famous brand, last model!” But… a perfect gift is… edible flannel sheets! (the test of your choice). As for greeting cards – choose the best, don’t look at price (it’s a sin!), though remember about a practical use… envelope for money, for example?!


Please, attention! To make Gemini happy – you should gift them everything by little! And you can go crazy while wrapping all these staff into a glossy paper, unless you are Virgo. Small items, trinkets and trifles – these are an ideal gift for Gemini. CD’s, lighters, pens, mouse carpets, mobile phones etc. – but as bright as possible. Do not worry if Gemini already has a similar gift – they rarely have things in a single copy. In return, they will gift you lively energy and paint your life into brightest colors. Best greeting cards for Gemini – animated cards, and a few on mobile, email, post box!…


Well… To win a heart of a Cancer you need to come across curiosity shops, all antique and ancient stuff will be to the place. Your Cancer will love you forever (at least till the moment he/she will consider that you neglect him) But he/she is very sincere in feelings! They love home and everything connected to it, as a delicious food, for example. Cake, cookies, chocolate – wonderful beginning! An ideal gift for any Cancer – 70 year old automobile, which doesn’t move, full of odds and ends from someone’s grandmother cupboard! Romantic greeting cards will touch a sensitive soul of Cancer, and if it is antique greeting card – it is a pick of happiness!


With Lion is important not only what you gift them but how you do it! It can be fashionable jewelries or envelope with a few “heavy” bills wrapped into a golden glossy paper with red and yellow ribbons – it will please Lion’s eyes indeed! Please, don’t forget to write his/her name on the gift! To impress Lion – gift him a throne-shape chair or a small prefabricated castle – it is the best what suits to his royal status! Golden greeting cards will complete your gift… if you cannot effort golden one, at least adorn it with shiny stones.


I advice you to wrap a gift properly, otherwise Virgo will not be please with it before head, or they may not want to unwrap it at all! If you want to have some fun – leave a label on the gift… Virgo will be confused and mutter “why didn’t you take it off?”. Virgo looks very gentle but inside they are actually crazy… they will appreciate a lot the gift which shows them in their own eyes decisive and freethinking (Virgos, is it true?) But they have a reputation as a practical sigh of the zodiac and everyone present them practical staff… So, if you want to impress them – use your imagination and sensibility! Be careful with greeting cards – Virgo cannot resist a vulgar humor!

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What zodiac do I act like? Sun, moon, rising, venus, mars?

I am shy before but now i’m too flirtatious ; i love going to bars and getting drinks; i love to party; i’m smart and practical; i am emotionally cold as they say; i don’t fall inlove easily but wen i did, it’s so hard for me to fall out of love; i’m bisexual. Lol; i’m impulsive and rude sometimes; i am funny and kind of sarcastic; i’m pretty ( maybe i am. Lol); i love spending money on clothes and beauty is important to me; i’m very picky; i love math and music; when i like someone, i want to give her something expensive and with class…. And oh i love math!!!! Lol 🙂

You sound like someone of the Fire signs …. 🙂 Leo, Aries or Sag …

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